School readiness, how it looks.

A lot of people believe that sending there children to a daycare center is an important step in regard to school readiness. But a lot of parents do not realize, services offered in "Headstart" or Commercial Daycare centers are also offered in Family Daycare homes.

At The Baby Play Place Preschool we teach and model proper oral hygiene practices. We offer hearing screenings through our Headstart affiliates, and we do prepare children for school.

A lot of what children do throughout the day in our program looks like play, and it is. However; it is preparing children for life outside of our daycare home. Children are learning important social emotional skills such as sharing, caring and empathy.

They learn to communicate verbally, and sometimes non-verbally. Our program encourages and models independence.

The children help clean up after themselves and learn to use the bathroom on there own. Something that is really important when they go to school.

The children learn responsibility when we give them special jobs to do in the program. Our gardener has to water the plants and make sure the dead leaves are plucked and thrown out. The Veterinarian makes sure our fish are fed and the water is clear. We have a librarian who makes sure the books are put away.

The children learn to walk in lines and hold hands. Something that is also done in school.

Knowing how to put on there coats, pull up there pants, put on hats or take off gloves are all skills that they need to know if they are to succeed in school.

Academic skills such as letter and number recognition, begining reading, sorting, and writing are all a part of our daily activities.

Whether your child is in family daycare or a daycare center these are valuable skills that show your child is on the right track to becoming a scholar in "big school".

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