The Baby Play Place Community News and Events

We love our community and to show appreciation we utilize community resources and donate to organizations around our neighborhood.


Sunshine Community Garden
Bushwick Public Library

We love to garden and enjoy the outdoors. Right across the street from our location is a community garden we like to visit. We help pull up weeds and clear out dead or dying plants. 

Occasionally there are fun activities for us to do. We made beautiful frames last year and can't wait to see what we get to make this year.

We love to read books, listen to stories and have fun with our friends. At the local library we get to do all of these things and more. We learn how to use the computer and get to play games and learn new things. We also have lunch there occasionally in the summer months. 

Sternberg Park

This is a great park to play in throughout the year. We don't go here often, as it is a bit big. But when we do we have tons of fun. We especially enjoy the field. We play games, run and jump. We also have our Field Day here. We get to win prizes and medals. Parents are welcome as well.