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Our Enrichment Programs

At The Baby Play Place, we understand that children learn through play, experimenting and exploring there environment. We aim to provide children with enriching experiences to help develop there knowledge, and understanding of the world around them. 


We teach the children all about plants and where they come from. Every planting season we grow herbs and vegetables indoors or on our terrace.

This year we had a visit from Mrs. Athena to plant our very own grass heads. Happy Earth Day!

Culinary Skills

We love to help out at meal times. To show children an appreciation for the food they eat, we often have cooking sessions where they get to make there own meals, or snacks. 

Recently we made colorful cornbread muffins. Mmmmm!!!


Loving music in all it's forms is something children can be taught at a very young age. We listen to all kinds of music in our program. Here we are learning the Gwiyomi Song!

Dance & Movement

We love to dance to music and groove to beats. You can often find us having spontaneous dance parties. If you're here when we do, please join in for some fun! 

Art Appreciation

We love art! One of the may activities that we can't seem to do without is art in our program. We have a large art center that we allow children to explore and create in. 


Ms. Nayeli is our native spanish speaker in the program. Every day we speak to the children in both english and spanish. The children are learning spanish rapidly and we hold our formal spanish lesson on Thursday afternoon. Parents are welcome to drop in and learn some things with us. Bienvenidos! 

School-Age Summer Camp

Big and Little Skills Academy (BALSA) and The Baby Play Place have 

teamed up to offer school-age children enrolled at The Baby Play Place the opportunity to participate in the BALSA Summer Camp Program. 

Activities at the summer camp include:

Basketball, Flag Football, Strength and Conditioning, S.T.E.M. Programming, Yoga, Double Dutch, Aerobics, Pilates, Nutrition workshops and more!