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Our Curriculum


The Baby Play Place Preschool utilizes the Creative Curriculum for Family Childcare. 

Additionally we incorporate themes and study units that help children make connections across all developmental domains, learn new concepts, and vocabulary, and practice other early learning skills.



Family engagement is an important part of our program. Each month parents will be provided with a schedule of our monthly themes and activities as well as a summary of our current study unit.


You will be able to view pictures of your child participating in daily activities through our website and Blog. You should have access to them if you signed up as a member on the site.

All children are assessed according to their age level throughout the year. Parents will be given a copy of this assessment so you are aware of your child's development.  This helps to determine school readiness level as well as a way to track your chuilds developmental milestones.



"The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care is the only research-based, comprehensive curriculum that addresses the unique strengths and challenges of family child care...


..Our completely updated and expanded second edition helps family child care providers design high-quality home-based programs that are responsive to the needs of children from birth to age 12. It also helps family child care educators to integrate learning into every moment of the day."- TeachingStrategies website.