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Keeping our children and families healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 Precautions


At The Baby Play Place Preschool, we are making sure our children and staff stay safe and healthy by instituting new COVID-19 restrictions and procedures. 

~We deep clean our program daily. (clean and sanitize toys, cots/mats and play equipment)
~All toys books, shelves and any equipment used by children or staff are sanitized. 

~Drop off and pick up times are staggered to reduce crowding and close contact of families.


~Children are greeted at the door and temperatures are taken before entry into the program. 


~Staff and children 2 years and older wear face masks during the day. (children are able to remove them if they need to and they are not worn during rest time or outdoor play)


~Children are properly social distanced during mealtimes using a barrier and /or 6 feet social distance space. 
Children are spaced appropriately during rest times.


~Disposable utensils and dishes are used to lower the risk of any contamination. 


~Children and staff wash their hands several times a day including but not limited to before and after meals, toileting/diapering, outdoor play and switching activities.


~Staff are required to perform a self health screening before arriving to the program, and must not come in if they are showing any signs of COVID-19. 


~Staff are tested for COVID-19 before returning to the program if they are out due to illness.


~Staff and families must be COVID tested if they travel to a high risk area as per CDC regulations.


~Children who display any signs or symptoms of illness are not allowed to attend the program without a cleared doctors note.


We know this is a hard time and we are all trying to make the best of it. We ask that all families follow our guidelines for COVID safety as it is a protection to all of us.

As an added precaution, daycare tours will not be held in person.

Staff and children 2 and up wear face masks.

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